What Are The Top 5 Things To Do In Cyprus?

Located south of Turkey, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a wonderful destination. You will definitely not regret choosing to vacation in this stunning place.


Four million visitors a year prove that the Greek and Turkish-influenced country is ideal for a relaxing and exciting trip.


The whole country has wonderful sights and numerous attractions. If you desire city explorations, this is the right place for you, as well as for nature lovers. You will surely fall in love with the country after a short time.


But of course, you only have a limited amount of time, and you will hardly do all the activities on the island. To help you out, we will tell you what the best things to do in Cyprus are.


What are the best things to do in Cyprus?


Nicosia Green Zone


1. Cross the Green Line in Nicosia


As you probably already know, the country has a Greek-majority part and a Turkish-majority part.


More than 40 years ago, the fact that you could only go from the southern to the northern part with great effort is something that none of us can imagine today.


This problem especially affects the capital Nicosia. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus border, recognized only by Turkey, ran right through this city. To be precise, it ran through Ledra Street.


However, since 2008 you can walk along this popular shopping street again. Apart from the border guards briefly checking your passport, you hardly notice anything of that time.


Fortunately, because for a long time, both parts were unable to come together. Since the reopening of the border, this road is also been one of the best landmarks of Cyprus.


If you want to look at the border area from higher up, you should definitely visit the Shacolas Tower. On the 11th floor, there is an observation tower open to the public.


From there, you can easily see the buffer zone established by the UN between the north and the south of Cyprus.


You should visit the northern part of the island during your vacation anyway. We have even written a blog post about why a vacation in Northern Cyprus is so special.


Are you interested in visiting Nicosia? On Skyscanner, you will find a lot of flights to the capital of this Mediterranean island.


Kolossi Castle


2. Explore Kolossi Castle


A few kilometers east of Limassol city, you’ll find a 12th-century fortress. However, some parts, especially the tower, the Cypriots added a few hundred years later.


You can visit the castle for an entrance fee of 2.50 euros. Highlights of an exploratory tour include the storeroom, the dining room, and the dormitories.


Especially for the defense of the city, this castle was of paramount importance. Since the region around Limassol was extremely fertile, many other rulers also wanted to bring these lands under their control.


If you want to stay a little longer in Limassol, there is much more to discover. Have a look at our compact Limassol city guide!


Top 5 Things To Do In Cyprus - Nissi Beach


3. Go Swimming at Nissi Beach


Nissi Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Cyprus. Especially, the turquoise sea will surely take your breath away. Coupled with the wonderful white sand, it’s a real feast for the eyes.


This beach has only one drawback: its popularity. Particularly in summer, you will find crowds of people there.


But even despite a large number of visitors, you will see that Nissi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus.


If you want to take a quiet walk, it is best to visit it in the morning or evening. Especially for travelers with toddlers, this beach is suitable. The water is quite shallow. The little ones can enjoy themselves at Nissi Beach.


Adults, on the other hand, can spend their time water skiing or windsurfing. On the beach, you can also play a round or two of beach volleyball.


Larnaca Salt Lake


4. Bird watching at Larnaca Salt Lake


Although we are talking about a single salt lake, it consists of four independent ones. It is a popular retreat, especially for migratory birds. In winter, among other things, you have the opportunity to spot flamingos.


But the salt lake is not only interesting for passionate birdwatchers. The natural spectacle of how the water evaporates and salt crusts form in the summer will surely amaze you.


In the past, this salt was even one of the most important export goods of the country. Besides the salt lake, there are, of course, many other places of interest. In addition, there are plenty of things to do in Larnaca.


Troodos Massif


5. Explore the Troodos Massif


You can find this mountain range in the southwestern part of Cyprus. In the Troodos Massif, you can not only hike through the idyllic landscape.


The pretty villages in this mountain range are also worth visiting. Especially the stone-built houses give the small villages an incredible charm. Another option is to explore the wine areas with a local guide.


Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to visit some fascinating churches and monasteries. Some of them even have medieval murals and frescoes. UNESCO has already declared the painted churches in the Troodos region.


Especially the church in Pedoulas, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, should be high on your bucket list.


Well, now you know are a bunch of awesome things to do in Cyprus. No matter where you stay: There are many interesting sights and ways to pass the time in all island parts.


From Nicosia to beautiful landscapes like the Troodos Massif, the Mediterranean island has something for everyone. So plan your next trip to Cyprus and see for yourself what’s in it for you!