Limak Limra Guest Review – Dance Like Nobody Watching in Our Renewed Party Arena!

May has long gone and time to check out Limak Limra reviews from our guests.

May was the beginning of summer and sun, 6th of May we made our first concerts with popular singer Artem Katcher and amazing music group Banderos.

Limak Limra Reviews - May 2019 - 4

We smell the sea and feel the sky, dance like nobody watching in our renewed party arena with a new truss and light system.

Delicious open buffet and amazing cocktails have been ready for all guests. Summer is going on with many surprises in Limak Limra. 

Limak Limra Reviews From Our Guests – May 2019

Limak Limra Reviews - May 2019 - 11

1- Few Days of Relaxation

From May 15-20 we enjoyed a nice time together. We arrived late in the evening (tip for driver € 1,-) and decided for the upgrade: a room with a view!

It was nice that there was still something to eat at the restaurant. The meal was not very delicious, but it was food and the floor was cleaned but stuck under your feed. We were a little bit disappointed but tired.

Next day we realized that Limak Limra is a very big hotel! A crowd taking their breakfasts, it’s kind of interesting to watch all the people, somehow animal-like. We made our jokes about that and that’s the moment you begin to recover. Isn’t it?

To be honest, day by day the cleaning improved. On every spot, employees were instructed to clean better end how to do it. We felt very welcome by all the nice staff who did whatever they could to make our stay nice and comfortable.

By example a patio chair broke under the sitting of my husband, the servant already brought a new one before my husband realized that he was going to fall. The room 1606 was cleaned very well every day and we always left € 0,50 for the housekeeping.

You can eat and drink all day. The Phaselis Restaurant is good for breakfast and dinner and can take 1500 people. If you prefer silence and style, we recommend starting your breakfast as early as possible to evade the crowd.

For the next day dinner you can make a reservation at one of the nice a la carte restaurants by using the phone on your room: dial the number and make your reservation in the multilingual voice response system.

We tried the Sandal See food restaurant, which was included in the all-inclusive concept. The atmosphere was romantic and the dinner was perfect excellent quality and we ordered a bottle of French wine € 20,-.

Unfortunately, we forgot to visit the photographer afterward who has taken nice pics of our dinner! If you like cake, don’t miss the Patisserie. A silent cooled place where you collect meringues, eclairs, cakes, flan, brownies, ..whatever you wish.

The swimming pools and sunbath areas are nice and you will find always a lounger to relax. Of course, it’s recommended not to eat nearby the swimming pool because of hygienic reasons.

Because of my white skin, I have to stay in the shadow and I found multiple locations where I could rest.
We visited the beach and always found a spot there to relax.

Here, as well, the staff is checking hygiene and there are always lifeguards. It’s a pebble beach, no sand, so please bring your water shoes with you, or buy these outside the hotel across the street.

If you like a luxury beach experience you can rent a beach pavilion.

Last but not least the entertainment was good! Every evening another show! I loved the Turkish expression of the ‘Lord of the Dance’. Nice costumes and great dancers! My husband preferred the acrobatic team, performing in nice costumes and even with bicycles on the podium!

Last but not least you should visit the fitness facilities to lose weight for the next dinner. I tried, but the Lady send me away because I did not wear sneakers and fitness tenue.

So please make sure you dress appropriately. We had no time left for the sauna. At least one thing left to try next time.

Thank you.

Claudia D. | Family Holiday | Almere, The Netherlands | Limak Limra Reviews

Limak Limra Reviews - May 2019 - 10

2- Absolutely Amazing!

Lovely hotel!!!

The staff are very friendly and helpful, the hotel is very clean. Special thank you to all of the animation team who made our stay extra special, they are the best animation team!!

The team goes out of there way to ensure everybody is well looked after and having a good time so thank you once again for the amazing experience!!

Will definitely be returning to this hotel.

Georgia E. | Family Holiday | Limak Limra Reviews

Limak Limra Reviews - May 2019 - 10

3- One of my Best Vacation, a Big Thanks to the Animation!!!

It was one of my best vacations, really friendly a funny animations, Jan, Tolga, Batu, Fatih, Turan, Selda Natali, and all the other ones were so friendly and lovely when I was there, I saw, that they really love the job.

They are really good at it! Thank you very much for this super vacation!

The rooms were really clean, the food was really tasty and the service was so nice and friendly, the always had a smile on!

A really big thank you to everybody!

Pascal Z. | Couples Holiday | Limak Limra Reviews

Limak Limra Reviews - May 2019 - 2

4- 1000% Recommend!

After staying in this hotel for a week I have to say this is the best hotel & resort iv ever been too. The daily activities are very fun and the night time entertainment is amazing to watch.

Also, their entertainment staff such as Fatih & Batuhan are good people to talk too who try to make your holiday as fun as possible.

The pools are huge with big slides on them that are better than any iv been on back at home! All inclusive literally means everything here there is very little you need to pay for if you have this.

The hotel is in close proximity to Kemer which is a fun trip one day you want to leave the hotel also the Tahtali mountain is close by which you can cable car up!

The staff are extremely friendly with kids and absolutely adore them, not one member of staff could walk past my daughter without saying hello to her.

There is a literally endless amount of things to do here and I will 100% be coming back. One thing that grabbed my attention is the food though it is very good heavily catered to Russians etc and not very much to British but with all amazing things at this hotel that means very little to me!

1000% recommend to families, couples or people traveling alone because this hotel accommodates everyone’s needs. I will be back later this year to visit for longer see you all soon ??

Jay M. | Family Holiday | Limak Limra Reviews

5- Great value for money

We got a really great deal for all inclusive. Was really happy with the food and drink provided. There was an extra charge for the ala carte Italian restaurant. I would have been happier if this price was just included in the price, as it was only €9 but takes away when you think it is all-inclusive.

Because it was early in the season not everything was open but they were doing a lot of work to the hotel, so I’m sure it will look even better in a few months.

Mainly Russian crowd there, not a lot of British but still nearly all the staff spoke English. Would highly recommend the spa there for a Turkish bath.

The pool area was really nice and lots of bed spaces. The hotel put some effort to turn the stone beach to somewhat sand beach.

Room was nice near the quiet pool, though we spent little time there. Needs a bit of refurbishing but not bad. Only thing wasn’t as clean as I would like. Small things like dusty and bathroom not up to scratch.

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Another thing that, they didn’t have the champions league matches that were on while we were there.

Had spoken to guest relations and said they would play it in the cinema. Cinema was full for the first game but it wouldn’t work because the hotel hadn’t paid for the sports tv channel.

I love to watch sports while on holidays. Apparently, they have to pay extra for this channel that’s why not showing, I feel for a huge 5-star hotel it shouldn’t be a big deal to pay extra for these channels. A lot of guests were interested in it and a small bar across the way had paid for it.

So we had to go out to watch it which was a shame.

Romain J. | Family Holiday | Lyon, France | Limak Limra Reviews