Best Beaches in Cyprus : The Full List!

Best Beaches in Cyprus : The Full List!


Cyprus, the third-largest island of the Mediterranean Basin, lies 65 km beneath the southern coasts of Turkey and extends towards the Arab Peninsula. Having a geographically significant location in the Eastern Mediterranean, the island hosts beautiful shores. Cyprus beaches stretch along both the northern and eastern ends. The best Cyprus beaches share precious sunset, light and dark sands, and large coastal zones for nature’s renewal.


North Cyprus Beaches: Peaceful, Sandy and Natural


North Cyprus covers an area of 3.355 km2 that accounts for 36.5% of the whole land. Having a relatively smaller surface on the island, the beaches of North Cyprus accumulate in 307.6 km2. This means peaceful shores having clear deep water cover more than half of the lands.

Cyprus beaches are renowned for their beautiful sands, long sunbathing season of eight months. Moreover, Cyprus beaches are a natural reservoir for Caretta Caretta and fascinatingly blue Mediterranean water. Best beaches in Cyprus extend on Karpas Peninsula to the north, on both sides of Kyrenia to the west and around Famagusta to the east.


Cyprus Beaches: The West, East or North

Best Beaches in Cyprus - Karpas Peninsula

On the eastern coast of northern Cyprus, Kyrenia beaches host a variety of smaller bays occupying resorts for snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. Alagadi, Alsancak, and Escape are the three best Kyrenia beaches on the island. Towards the northern end of the island, Karpas lies where a long, sharp, and thin land piece reaches the dark blue portion of the Mediterranean. The Karpas Peninsula structures a steep cliffy cove surrounded by splendid bays perfect for swimming and sheltering. Karpas beaches comprise two seamless destinations for trekking, swimming, and photography on Golden Sands and Turtle Beach. On the eastern part on the island, Famagusta beaches make up the harmony of an inartificial landscape with semi-urban vitality. Glapsides, Salamis, Nangomi, and Bafra are reputed as the best Karpas beaches in Cyprus.


Golden Sands: Generation of Love at Sunset

Best Beaches in Cyprus - Golden Beach Dipkarpaz

One of the best beaches on Northern Cyprus stretches towards the northern-most cove of the island. Karpas Beach lies 15 km away from the town of Rizokarpaso. The fact that relatively fewer inhabitants live near this location grows its appeal. Karpas Beach attracts explorers with its golden sands, on the one hand, the multiplicity of isolated bays nesting unique examples of Chelonia Mydas turtles on the other. Golden Sands bear significance for its mythological association with the goddess of beauty. Aphrodite is supposed to be born on the Karpas Peninsula, where she embodied her beauty and love enchantment. Why Golden Sands remain at the top of the best Cyprus beaches? Because this beach combines pastoral beauty and natural nesting of Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas species. Small and isolated bays on the Golden Sands form magnificent views at sunset, inspiring romantic walks for couples and lovers.


Bafra Beach: Less Isolated, More Refreshing

Best Beaches in Cyprus - Bafra

Here is another Cyprus beach that accompanies the rhythm of waves and sounds the best. Bafra Beach is one of the best Cyprus beaches favored by families and individual tourists. Being not far from Famagusta, Bafra Beach is less isolated than Nangomi or Glapsides. Still preserving its natural beauty to refresh the soul, Bafra Beach welcomes the island’s tourists to the half-urban and half-rural atmosphere with comforting facilities. There are recently established Cyprus beach hotels like Limak Cyprus Deluxe, where the need for a peaceful holiday is packed up with beach parties, water kayaking tournaments, and sunbathing on light sands.


Escape Beach: The Rhythm of Motion


Being an intriguing beach in Kyrenia, Escape Beach deserves the name as the tranquility is found in the dark bluish hue of the calm water. Here the shallow water helps children enjoy the pleasure of swimming and water sports. Nearby fish restaurants and hotels on the best Kyrenia beach create a much livelier atmosphere and make you feel the rhythm of sparkling water, twinkling lights, and echoing music.