Kaş – A Compact Town Guide

Located on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey, Kaş is a beautiful seaside town worth adding to your Turkish wish list.


It is ideally situated for those looking to explore the glittering coastline, canyons, and rivers of this part of southern Turkey. Kaş is located roughly 170 kilometres to the west of Antalya, approximately a 3-hour drive away.


The town centre features charming, whitewashed houses and buildings covered in stunning bougainvillaea flowers. It attracts both adventure seekers and those seeking a more relaxed time alike.


This endearing seaside town on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey offers an excellent mixture of ancient history from the Lycian kingdom and modern leisure around its two harbours.


Most visitors come to Kaş for two reasons: to scuba dive or to visit the ancient sites nearby, such as Aperlai, Isinda, Apollonia and Kekova.




Step Back in Time


The modern town of Kaş occupies the same area as the ancient civilisation Antiphellos, with still-visible ruins, including a Hellenistic amphitheatre from the 4th-century B.C.


One of many ancient settlements scattered across the Lycian region, Antiphellos is Kaş’s main icon and has the only ancient theatre with a sea-facing façade in Anatolia. Located on the slope of the dramatic Taurus Mountains, it is a sight to behold and a symbol of its past as an important port town.


Other ancient Lycian sites to see include Aperlai, Isinda, Apollonia and Kekova, all located a short distance from Kaş.


Hike the Lycian Way


Trek between the mountains that frame Kaş, providing breath-taking views of the town between the tall pine trees.


Kaş is a stop along the world-famous Lycian Way, marked by red and white painted markers along hiking trails. As you walk the route, you will come across ancient ruins that offer a look into the past and a feeling of admiration for the ancient people who would spend their lives walking these routes where you walk today.


The hike takes roughly 40 minutes and is best enjoyed with an incredible sunrise or sunset view all over the city.


Beneath the Waves


Kaş is Turkey’s hub for underwater exploits for divers, with excellent wreck-diving just offshore. There are nearly sixty dive sites in the area, earning its name as a scuba diving hotspot of Turkey.


It offers arguably the best visibility (up to 30m) and the most fantastic range of sea life along the entire Turkish coast: grouper, barracuda, amberjack, ornate wrasse, and flying fish are just some of its marine riches.


People travel from all over the world to explore these underwater delights due to low tides and no currents enabling more accessible dives.


Getting to Kaş


The closest airport to Kaş is Dalaman Airport. You can fly directly from Istanbul or Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Dalaman, and flights take approximately 1.5 hours.


Both Turkish Airlines and Pegasus offer daily direct flights to Dalaman, about a 2-hour drive from Kaş. Antalya airport is the nearest international airport and is a 3-hour drive away. Alternatively, there are daily buses between Antalya and Kaş in the summer months with other stops along the Lycian Way.


Everything within the Old Town is within walking distance; however, visiting Kaş with a car is a better all-around experience. A rental car makes a variety of day trip options possible and gives you access to remote beaches and the hotels along the Kaş peninsula.


Kaş Top Tips


  • Arrange one of many boat trips or kayaking tours to enjoy the glistening waters of the Turkish coastline
  • Soak up the sights of Kaş’ beautifully rugged coastline and go beyond the Turkish-Greek border at Meis island, just a short 20-minute boat trip away
  • Be part of history and trek the Lycian Way – or at least part of it. Although it can be tiring, the rest stops are stunning and worth the time they take
  • Wander the streets of Kaş and take a bite of Turkish cuisine in one of many local restaurants or buy locally crafted goods for memories to last beyond your trip
  • Take a short 30-minute drive from Kaş to Kaputaş Beach, famed for its turquoise blue water. Make sure to be there before midday to avoid the crowds
  • Grab a drink at Kaş Square to unwind and soak up the harbour views after a long day of exploring


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