Kemer, Turkey – A Compact Destination Guide

Kemer is a lively holiday resort popular with families and couples from many countries, including Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, and Scandinavia.


Its location in Turkey provides Kemer with fantastic golden sandy beaches and easy access to the Mediterranean Sea while also being close to mountainous landscapes and pine tree forests, perfect for hiking.


The name Kemer refers to the stone wall built around it in 1916 to protect it from flooding from the nearby mountain rivers. See if you can find it!


Getting to Kemer


The closest airport to Kemer is Antalya Airport, which is only 58 km (35 miles) away. The airport serves more than 300 destinations, so getting a flight shouldn’t be too difficult.


The most convenient way to travel from the airport to Kemer is by taking a 60-minute ride in a taxi or by a private shuttle, possibly arranged via your hotel.


This is great as it takes you straight to the hotel without any trouble, it will cost about 260 Turkish Lira (€25).


There is a bus option, but this involves 2 buses. First, board the number 200 shuttle bus to Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal.


From there, you will take another bus to Kemer town center. Then, you’ll need to find your hotel alone.


Kemer, Turkey - A Compact Destination Guide 2


Where to Stay in Kemer


For a fantastic holiday, choose the 5-star family-friendly resort of Limak Limra Hotel. It’s an all-inclusive resort, equipped with a beautiful spa with Turkish baths, multiple swimming pools, and fun waterslides.


Limak Limra Hotel is perfectly located for beach lovers as it is a stone throw away from the Mediterranean Sea.


Best Time to Visit Kemer


Kemer has typical Mediterranean weather – warm winters and hot summers, making it a great destination to visit any time of the year. But if you are searching for sunshine, plan your trip between June and September to maximize your exposure.



Things to Do in Kemer


The primary “thing to do” in Kemer is to indulge in the luxurious sandy beaches and refreshing sea. Aside from spending the day relaxing and having fun on the beach, these are the “things to do” to create everlasting memories in Kemer and its surrounding area:


  1. Venture to the heart of the town and admire the clock tower, statues, and parks around Republic Square.
  2. Spend the day splashing and screaming down the water slides at DoluSu Park Kemer.
  3. Learn about the history and culture of Kemer at Nomad Park, an open-air museum.
  4. Purchase a souvenir or fresh treats at one of Kemer’s Markets.
  5. Step back in time at the archaeological site of Ancient Greco-Roman ruins in Phaselis.
  6. Visit the Tahtali Mountains and ride the Olympos Teleferik cable cars.
  7. Witness the famous fires of Yanartas after a small hike up Mount Chimaera.


Where to Eat in Kemer


If you stay at the Limak Limra Hotel, you don’t need to worry about finding a good place to eat as your food will be included.


The hotel has 5 restaurants, including The Kazan Restaurant, which specializes in Turkish cuisine, and the Ponte Vecchio Restaurant, which serves Italian dishes.


We advise eating at Lavash Kebab House, Arikanda Restaurant 2, and/or Has Restaurant for authentic Mediterranean food to venture out of the resort.


Where ever you eat, try the favorite local dish, Lahmacun, a Turkish cheeseless pizza that you roll up similar to a burrito. It’s has a dough base and is topped with minced meat and vegetables.


Very delicious! It is also a good idea to have a kebab or two. These are everyday menu items; choose one that sparks joy and makes your mouth water.