Antalya Weather and Climate Monthly Explained!!!

Antalya Weather and Climate Monthly Explained!


Antalya, located over 20.177 km2 area with 19 districts and 910 vicinities, becomes one of the major metropolitans in the southwest of Turkey. Having a typical Mediterranean climate, the city hosts seasonal scuba diving, hiking, water skiing activities as well as swimming and races available all the year.


This popular tourist destination attracts travelers with its all-year warm climate, fewer rainfalls, and usually no freezing days. Mediterranean climate in Antalya predominates nearly all districts except less urbanized higher altitudes. Typical features of Antalya’s weather help travelers select varying kinds of nature excursions and recreation activities in different months of the year. Let’s explore the characteristics of climate in Antalya to find out what best suits to monthly tour plans.


Specificities of Antalya’s Climate

Antalya’s climate is milder and warmer than most of the cities in the southern region. The city has an average temperature of 18.6 degrees Celsius. Weather averages in Antalya do not go below 10 degrees at nighttime. The town has a daytime average of over 26 degrees Celsius for six months. This peak season starts in May and usually ends in October, allowing vacationists to enjoy warm seawater or rafting and hiking on Toros Mountains. Antalya climate is renowned for high daytime temperatures generated by long hours of sunshine. The sun dazzles for more than 6 hours a day during nine months of the year, excluding only winter days. The climate in Antalya is known to have almost no rainfall during July and August, yet heavy showers in December and January. The expectation of no freezing days makes winter also possible for sightseeing and indoor activities.


Antalya Seasonal Forecast

Concerning seasonal changes, Antalya weather lets the year split into three periods as mild, dry and rainy seasons:

  1. Rainy season: November, December, January and February
  2. Hot and dry season: June, July, August and September
  3. Mild season: March, April, May, and October

Certainly, Antalya seasonal forecast may exhibit slight transitions due to annual climatic trends. For instance, November may go on with higher temperatures, yet with more rainfalls. Sometimes the rainy season lasts till April. To better decide on what activities to undertake in different periods, you can look through the tips of monthly averages in Antalya.


Average Monthly Weather in Antalya

Minimum and maximum temperatures, precipitation, and rain probability figures describe the average monthly weather in Antalya for touristic recommendations.

Average temperatures in Antalya with precipitation rates:

  • January: min. 5.8 °C, max. 14.8 °C, 212 mm/day
  • February: min. 6.4 °C, max. 15.4 °C, 159 mm/day
  • March: min. 7.6 °C, max. 17.8 °C, 103 mm/day
  • April: min. 10.7 °C, max. 21.2 °C, 48 mm/day
  • May: min. 14.8 °C, max. 25.9 °C, 29 mm/day
  • June: min. 18.9 °C, max. 30.2 °C, 8 mm/day
  • July: min. 22.3 °C, max. 34.1 °C, 3 mm/day, the driest month
  • August: min.21.9 °C, max. 33.5 °C, 3 mm/day, the driest month
  • September: min. 18.8 °C, max. 30.8 °C, 11 mm/day
  • October: min. 14.5 °C, max. 26.6 °C, 66 mm/day
  • November: min. 10.5 °C, max. 21.2 °C, 126 mm/day
  • December: min. 7.4 °C, max. 16.5 °C, 241 m/day, the wettest month

Fun Activities Harmonizing Antalya Climate

Antalya’s average annual weather points out varying trips, indoor amusement, and water-based activities. As the hottest and driest months are the best for water sports, scuba diving, water skiing, and surfing are favored in July and August. Beautiful bays alongside Göcek, Dalyan, and Kemer are available for cruising, even in April and November. For nature lovers willing to feel the soothing rhythm and sparkles of refreshed water, Düden and Manavgat Waterfalls are recommended for rafting and canoeing in May, June, and September. Antalya climate creates extreme alternatives for the rainy season: Antalya Museum and Antalya Aquarium may become fantastic destinations for extreme activity fans, even in November and December.