Nicosia Cyprus: The Best Landmarks to See and Things to Do

Nicosia, Cyprus is filled with culture, history, and a vibrancy that you won’t see in many other areas of the island. While you can explore every inch of Nicosia, Cyprus, you will be amazed at how much is truly inside the Old City. In fact, you can spend days exploring this part of the capital and never run out of things to do and see. 

The Best Landmarks to See and Things to Do in Nicosia, Cyprus

Fortification of Nicosia, Cyprus

Visit the Venetian Walls

One of the most iconic features within Nicosia, Cyprus, is the Venetian Walls. So, they should be at the top of your itinerary for your visit. These walls are around the entire Old City, and if you have the opportunity to see them from the air, you will be shocked to see they resemble a snowflake. As impressive as these walls are, though, you must remember they did absolutely nothing to protect this city from the Ottomans back in 1570. 

Famagusta gate at Nicosia, Cyprus

See the Famagusta Gate

This gate can be found on the eastern side of the Old City, and it is the best of all the old gates. Restored back in the 1980s, the Famagusta Gate looks as beautiful as it did when it was installed all those years ago. While you can stand and admire this gate, you may want to plan your visit for when an outdoor concert or other event is being held there. 

Ledra Palace Hotel Nicosia, Cyprus

Wander Through the Ledra Palace Hotel Crossing

One of the more unique features within Nicosia, Cyprus, is the Ledra Palace Hotel Crossing. Only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed in this crossing, and it is the easiest way to get from one side of the island to the other. Be prepared to be with lots of people when you use this crossing though because it is very popular with locals and tourists alike. 

Archbishop's Palace in Nicosia - Southern Cyprus

Visit the Archbishop’s Palace

You will find this palace on the Plateia Archiepiskopou Kyprianou, and it is a newer building in Nicosia. This palace was not constructed until the 1950s. After being almost destroyed later that decade and again in 1974, it was finally rebuilt during the 1980s. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy the beauty of this space from the outside. That would need to be enough until they finally allow people inside. 

Take Time to Visit the OHI Farmer’s Market

Farmers’ Markets are excellent places to learn more about the locals in any destination around the world. The one in Nicosia, Cyprus, is no exception. This market is only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but that is plenty of time for you to explore and make a few purchases. The local produce, as well as eggs and nuts, sell quickly, so you should plan your visit for as early in the morning as you can. 

Private Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus

Wander Through a Museum or Two

There are a few different museums in Nicosia, Cyprus that you can visit. If you want to learn more about the history of this area, then the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia should be at the top of your list. Cultural topics and exhibits are available at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre. At the same time, it is all about archaeology at the Cyprus Museum. 

Visit the Sacred Temple of Virgin Mary Phaneromenis

This gorgeous church will have you wanting to visit and worship every single day during your time in Nicosia, Cyprus. The inside has numerous antiques, as well as detailed murals, and you won’t want to miss the Venetian architecture. You will find this church near the center of the Old City, and you can easily visit at any time. 


Explore Athalassa National Forest Park

There are not many green spaces inside Nicosia. Nevertheless, Athalassa National Forest Park offers three square miles of area for you to enjoy. The playground is perfect for children, while you will love the walking path and café. Check out: Things to Do in Cyprus with Toddlers

Consider Souvenir Shopping in the Neighborhood of Laiki Geitonia

This little pedestrian neighborhood is the perfect place to grab those souvenirs to take back home. You will find everything from olive oil and lace embroidery to Cypriot sculptures and the traditional alcoholic drink called zivania. The owners are quite friendly, and they make sure you head home with the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

See Extraordinary Views from the Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory

If you take the time to climb up to the eleventh floor of this tower, you will be rewarded with extraordinary views of the entire city. 

Cypriot flag in a bag with coffee beans isolated on black background

Taste the Cypriot Coffee

The traditional coffee of Nicosia is Cypriot coffee, and you must brace yourself for the potent taste. This coffee is brewed in a very tall copper pot. It has a long handle to make it easier to move when on the stovetop. Coldwater is placed in the pot and sugar, and powdered coffee is added before it is brewed. You can order the sweetness you desire, and unsweetened versions are available as well. When your coffee is gone, you will notice there is a residue at the bottom of your cup. You mustn’t drink this because it does not taste good at all!

The village of Fikardou

Visit the Village of Fikardou

The village of Fikardou is approximately forty-five minutes to the south of Nicosia, Cyprus. Still, a visit is worthy of the time you spend traveling. This village was first inhabited back in the 400s. It looks very much the same as it did back then today. You can meet approximately fifteen people that still live in this village on your visit. Talk to them and learn how they survive in this rural destination. 

A visit to Nicosia, Cyprus, must include these best landmarks and things to do. Otherwise, you will be missing out on something special during your time on this island. Plan your itinerary carefully, so you can squeeze all these things in.  Everything else you discover along the way would be a bonus. Let us remind you that the Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel is just one hour’s drive from Nicosia. Let us know if you ever want to drop by.