Ayia Napa – A Compact Destination Guide

With just about 2,800 inhabitants, the town of Ayia Napa is one of the smallest tourist destinations in Cyprus. In fact, there are usually more tourists here than residents.


But this does not mean that this place on the east coast of Cyprus is boring. Quite the contrary. After all, travelers from all over the world are unlikely to visit if the city has no interesting activities and sights to offer.


In this article, we would like to show you exactly where Ayia Napa is located and how to get there. You will also find out why it is definitely worth visiting and what you can do.


Ayia Napa


Where is it Located?


The small town officially belongs to the territory of the state of Cyprus. In addition, the popular resort in the east of the Mediterranean island is also located in the immediate vicinity of the Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is recognized exclusively by Turkey. Geographically, Ayia Napa is located approximately in the middle of the Cypriot east coast.


The tourist resort is located in the district of Famagusta. This leads to a strange situation. Ayia Napa belongs to the Greek-controlled part of the island of Cyprus. In contrast, most of the district – including its capital Famagusta – is under the control of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


How to Get to Ayia Napa


If you want to travel to Ayia Napa, the easiest way is by plane. The nearest airport is in Larnaca, about 40 km away. From the airport, you can easily take the bus. The cost is about 6 to 10 euros. Within about an hour, the hourly bus shuttles will take you from Larnaca airport to Ayia Napa.


But maybe you prefer to explore the island with a rental car? At the airport, you can easily rent a car for a few days. However, when driving on the roads, keep in mind that Cyprus has left-hand traffic. If you come from Great Britain, you will feel at home here.


Of course, you can also take a cab from the airport. However, the journey by cab is not remarkably shorter than by bus or your own car. The cost of a cab ride from Larnaca to Ayia Napa is about 50 Euros.


Why Do So Many People Come to Ayia Napa?


Ayia Napa is one of the most popular resorts for travelers from all over the world. Most visitors are rather young and prefer to visit the beach and the numerous bars in town. The most frequent visitors are vacationers from the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries, and Eastern Europe. But you will also find many UN soldiers in Ayia Napa.


Besides the beautiful beach, the legend about the monster of Ayia Napa seems to attract many tourists. Most of the alleged sightings of this cryptozoology creature are said to occur at Cape Greco. Basically, this monster is the Cypriot version of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland.


What to See


1. Monastery of Ayia Napa


This monastery is one of the oldest sights you will find in Ayia Napa. It dates back to the early 15th century and was built under the rule of the Venetians. However, parts of the monastery, such as the fountain, seem to indicate that the Byzantines already built here.


Around 1500, however, the Ottomans launched an invasion of the city. The monastery remained intact. However, no monks have lived here since the late 19th century.


2. Sculpture Park


The Sculpture Park of Ayia Napa is one of the tourist attractions that you will find here only recently. The park is the work of different sculptors from different countries of the world. The number of sculptures is over 250 pieces. The view is especially breathtaking because you can also look out over the Mediterranean Sea at the same time as you walk around.
The best thing about the sculpture park? You don’t have to pay a single cent to get in. Besides, the collection of sculptures is getting bigger and bigger.


3. Makronissos Tombs


The Makronissos tombs were discovered only in 1989. This is despite the fact that people have lived here since ancient times. The approximately 20 rock chambers each have their own entrance, closed with a huge slab of limestone.


4. Sea Caves


Among the most impressive works of Mother Nature are the sea caves of Cape Greco. You can either enter them through a hiking trail or get there from the water.


During your visit, be sure to bring your camera. Thanks to the erosion that has occurred over the years, all kinds of rock formations have been formed that you can imagine.


5. Ayia Napa Square


Are you looking for the best bars in town to plunge into the nightlife of Ayia Napa? Then Ayia Napa Square is the place for you! Yes, it’s often quite noisy here – but the people you meet here are all in general very friendly.


Best Beaches of Ayia Napa


Konnos Beach


Konnos beach is located in a bay, bordered by imposing rocky outcrops. These protect the beach from the influence of the weather. If you want to swim or snorkel, Konnos beach is perfect. You can also rent a jet ski here if you wish. It’s for sure one of the best things to do in Cyprus!


Nissi Beach


Nissi beach is the place where all kinds of vacationers feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you are a party-goer or a family who prefers to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature – here, everyone gets his money’s worth. Especially because of the white sand and crystal clear water, Nissi beach is one of the most dreamlike places you will find in Cyprus.


Now you know what to expect on your next visit to Ayia Napa. We can wholeheartedly recommend you put this wonderful and dreamlike place on your bucket list for your next trip to Cyprus.


Thanks to this post, you already have all the information you need to make your experience unforgettable. And if you want to spend longer, you’ll also find plenty of fantastic hotels in Cyprus. This means luxury and comfort are already pre-programmed!