Diamond of Skopje: A New Chapter Begins

We want to introduce you to a Diamond of Skopje (and yes, it‘s how it is actually called) and tell you a short story of why this gem is opening a new chapter for the North Macedonian capital.


If you have read our most popular blogs, such as Best Things To Do in Skopje or Skopje Travel Guide, we are sure you noticed there‘s a lot of emphasis on history.


But how about the future? Are there any exciting modern developments going on?


Let‘s go!


Diamond of Skopje A New Chapter Begins


Diamond of Skopje is for Permanent Residents & Tourists Alike


Being located at the heart of Skopje, this complex is a spot that deserves attention from both permanent residents and tourists. It‘s a new elegant neighborhood and proclaimed as a city within the city.


It does have residential apartments, but it also has a Gourmet Avenue where North Macedonian and world cuisine can be enjoyed all day long. Sounds interesting?


And there‘s certainly more to attract both local visitors and foreign travelers. Such as a shopping mall and a luxury business hotel: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel!


A New Chapter for Entertainment


Diamond of Skopje aims to write a new chapter for entertainment in Skopje, and one of the biggest ambitions is based on food – we are in North Macedonia, after all!


The finest culinary experience will be one of the biggest highlights – imagine an open taste avenue with world-class culinary brands and mouthwatering meals – both local and foreign all in one place.


A New Beginning for Shopping


A mix of powerful brands and a beautifully designed shopping mall is what will create a new beginning for shopping affairs in Skopje.


Diamond of Skopje is ready to bring a high-level scale of shopping to the North Macedonian capital – something that both travelers and residents will certainly appreciate.


A New Opportunity for Investing


Diamond of Skopje is built with the main thing in mind – uniqueness.


This trait can be achieved by targeting the best architectural designs and having neighborhood, friendship, community, and tourism in mind.


So, maybe you‘re on a look for investment? Trust Limak Group of Companies because, besides Diamond of Skopje, we built ports, irrigation plants, expressways, ports, dams, luxury hotels, and more!


This is a new opportunity to join the greatness of engineering and business.


New Chapter Begins & There is a Place For You


Skopje is upgrading, so should your travel radar and expectations for this beautiful city!


Diamond of Skopje is set to add a unique flavor to an already intriguing city.


No wonder why Skopje has so much to offer – it has always been a powerful location desired by many empires of the past.