7 Best Things To Do in Skopje: Your Must-Do List!

If you have been wondering about the best things to do in Skopje, our compact guide got you covered!


Residing quietly in the Balkans, the capital of North Macedonia is one of those underrated destinations that will surprise you.


It is historical, energetic, adventurous, and even delicious!


Skopje is quickly becoming the next go-to destination for many travelers thirsty for something with a unique flavor.


Skopje Town Hall


Things To Do in Skopje: 7 Best Things You Must Do


Let‘s wait no more and see 7 awesome things to do in Skopje that are simply a must! Let‘s go.


1. Explore City Center & Hundreds of Monuments


Skopje was revamped strongly after the government‘s announcement in 2010.


Hundreds of statues popped up like mushrooms after rain, and main buildings were given a neoclassical touch.


In Macedonia Square, you‘ll have a perfect start for your explorations.


The 80-feet „Warrior on a Horse“ monument will be one of the first you will notice among 20 others in this main square alone!


As you move along the city center, the new-old buildings will start to appear one by one.


These modern yet ancient-looking buildings serve primarily as political and cultural institutions.


This combination of buildings and monuments will dazzle you and confuse you a bit – nonetheless, exploring the modern city center is one of the awesome things to do in Skopje!


Small Shops


2. Become a Time Traveler in Old Bazaar Skopje


This one of those places that are impossible to miss is among the most important things to do in Skopje!


During the Ottoman era, the Old Bazaar Skopje was the region‘s commerce hotspot, and today it is a doorway to the rich past.


Walk through a maze of cobblestone streets to discover rich Ottoman heritage in picturesque mosques, caravanserais, hans, and other historic buildings.


The rusty Old Town charm is tempting with buzzing craft shops, cafes smelling Turkish coffee, and other iconic landmarks.


For more about this beautiful location, read our compact Old Bazaar Skopje guide.


archeological museum


3. Attend Skopje‘s Museums


Exploring Skopje‘s fascinating and rich history through its streets and architecture is only one flip side of the coin.


To paint a more accurate picture of Skopje‘s past and present, try at least one or even all of the city‘s museums!


If you have time for only one museum, try to visit The Museum of the City of Skopje. Here you will discover a story that goes from 3000 BC to the current days.


The building also has its unique appeal – it is an old former railway station heavily damaged during the famous 1963 earthquake.


If you are up for more awesome things to do in Skopje with deep history – there are plenty of museums left!


From the Memorial House of Mother Teresa to the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia to the Museum of Illusions and more.


Combine history and fun!


Old Bazaar Cuisine


4. Try Traditional Foods & Drinks


We explored the modern city center, the soulful old town and visited intriguing museums – it‘s time for many people‘s favorite part of traveling – food!


Macedonian dish staples are organic produce, quality meat, and dairy.  The pastry is a key element, too – eating bread here goes with almost everything you can imagine.


The locals also embrace salads before meals. This is usually done along with homemade Rakija – a traditional alcoholic drink.


We recommend trying out Pastrmajlija (Macedonian Pizza), Tavče Gravče (baked beans), and Mekici (Macedonian fried dough).


There‘s certainly a lot more, don‘t hesitate to explore this very fulfilling and hearty cuisine!


Your best chances to feast on Macedonian dishes are in Old Bazaar Skopje, as it is the heart and soul of traditional Macedonian cuisine in the city.


Trying out local cuisine is always on the bucket list for any destination. And now that our belly is happy – are you ready for more awesome things to do in Skopje?


Skopje Fortres


5. Discover Kale Fortress & Vodno Mountain


It‘s time for something breathtaking – how about we take history to the next level and see the city from above? Let‘s head to the mighty Kale Fortress!


Step inside beyond the sturdy double defensive walls from the 6th century and walk on land inhabited around 4000 BC during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.


Kale Fortress is perched on the hill, which happens to be the city’s highest point – enjoy premium city views. And the fortress itself is magnificent!


Another top-rated attraction is Mount Vodno. The mountain is visible from almost anywhere in Skopje and invites fresh air, scenic views, and history.


Hike up or use the cable car to discover a 66-meter Millennium Cross, a 12th-century monastery, and sweeping vistas.


If these two are not some of the most remarkable things to do in Skopje, we don‘t know what it is!


Matka Kanyon


6. Spice it Up in Matka Canyon


Craving for some more action or adventurous thrill? Or maybe you just enjoy nature and like to be really active on your travels?


Matka Canyon is for you, in this case! This beautiful canyon can be reached by a 50-minute bus ride from Skopje, and it‘s a perfect spot for an adventurous day out.


It‘s a playground for nature lovers, and the variety of activities is outstanding – from kayaking and fishing to hiking and cave exploring and more!


You‘ll also be able to discover intriguing churches, monasteries, mineral formations, and other things along the way.


The rugged landscape with towering cliffs and a river winding through the canyon will create an unspoiled Balkan paradise for you.


With such easy accessibility and proximity, it is easily one of the best things to do in Skopje – dedicate a day or half, and you‘ll come back a storyteller!


Pit Bazaar


7. Buy Some Souvenirs at Pit Bazar


We can‘t leave without souvenirs, not after visiting Skopje! Stop by Pit Bazaar, one of the largest outdoor markets in Skopje and all the Balkans.


It kept its wide variety in products since the 14th century and can be found at the outskirts of Old Bazaar Skopje.


Whether it‘s colorful textiles, jewelry, pottery, or various antiques, you‘ll find a lot here, among other typical souvenirs.


However, while here, you can also grab some fresh fruits, vegetables, or similar goods – explore and don‘t shy away from bargaining!


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Skopje Things to do


Pack Your Bags: Skopje is waiting for you!


And there it is – a completed list of some of the best things to do in Skopje. Prepare some comfy shoes and clothes and maybe even a notebook – it is an affluent city.


The wealth in history, architecture, delicious meals, and nature is supreme. And don‘t forget – Skopje is one of the cheapest cities in Europe too; therefore, luxury accommodation is more than affordable.


Make sure you stay rested and energized for Skopje adventures – cause there are lots of great things to do in Skopje!