Exploring the Old Bazaar Skopje – When Time Travel Becomes Real

A place where time travel becomes real – the Old Bazaar Skopje.


Also known as the Old Town or Čaršija, it evokes the city‘s rich past through its winding streets and historic buildings.


Let‘s explore this intriguing part of Skopje and find out why it has to be the very first place where any traveler should go!


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Exploring the Old Bazaar Skopje – When Time Travel Becomes Real


In our ultimate guide to traveling in Skopje, we revealed why it is one of the world’s most underrated capitals.


However, we want to take you on an introductory journey to one special location in Skopje and explore it more.


Unmatched Cultural & Historical Value


Old Bazaar Skopje has the earliest mention in written sources that takes us back to the 12th century.


During the Ottoman era, the Old Bazaar Skopje quickly became the region‘s commerce hotspot.


This is why Ottoman heritage in Skopje‘s Old Town is one of the highest in the world!


This rich legacy is visible through beautiful mosques, Turkish bathhouses, multiple caravanserais and hans, and other historic buildings and monuments – all with their meaning and rich past.


Strolling around slowly and visiting museums is the best way to explore and appreciate the preserved history and understand the cultural and historical values of Old Bazaar Skopje.


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An Important Marketplace


Not only it was a commerce hotspot in Skopje, but one of the largest and oldest marketplaces in the Balkans too.


However, today this important and strategic marketplace has a different purpose and appearance, yet with the same charm.


Once here, embrace the opportunity to taste the iconic Turkish coffee in one of the soulful cafes or feast on Macedonian meals in one of the eateries.


However, the key to capturing the old spirit of a once-powerful marketplace is going for handmade goods and authentic crafts.


Think of jewelry, antiques, colorful textiles, and pottery.


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Plenty of Iconic Landmarks


If Old Bazaar Skopje would be a show, seeing iconic landmarks would be the main event!


There are more than 15 landmarks to see in Old Bazaar Skopje; therefore, to give a good idea of what‘s there, here are our top 3:


  • Skopje‘s Clock Tower – This historic tower was built in the 16th century, survived the 1963 earthquake, and is always visible.


The clock tower will be your charming guide through the Old Bazaar Skopje maze!


  • The Čifte Hamam – situated in the center of the Old Bazaar Skopje, this Turkish double bathhouse was built in the 15th century and has a beautiful exterior and interior.


After being damaged by an earthquake, it was repaired and transformed into Contemporary Art Gallery.


  • Kale Fortress – Perched on the highest hill in Skopje and walled graciously, this ancient fortress overlooks the whole city. It is truly a mighty sight to see and explore from within!


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Explore the Hidden Gems in Skopje’s Famous Landmark


Getting a bit lost in the maze of quaint cobblestone streets and small passageways is a pleasant experience.


The well-known landmarks may hide some unknown gems and small but pleasant discoveries.


From an Ottoman legacy to a historic Balkan district, you‘ll find it in the charming Old Bazaar Skopje.


Now go out there and explore it in your way!