Termessos Ancient City – A Short Visitor’s Guide

Termessos ruins are probably one of the most impressive sights in Turkey. Getting to them is a bit more difficult, to be sure.


However, when you visit this barely touched archaeological site, you’ll realize that it’s definitely worth the effort.


Termessos is an ideal destination for a day trip. In this article, you will learn where to find Termessos ruins and how you get there.


We also tell you what to expect there and why you should put this ancient city on your bucket list.


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Where Do You find Termessos Ruins?


You find Termessos Ancient City in Güllük Dağı National Park in the Taurus Mountains. The nearest city is Antalya, the largest city in southern Turkey.


From this Turkish metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, the Termessos ruins are about 30 kilometers away. Perfect for a trip if you are visiting this city anyway.


Termessos Ruins


How to Get to Termessos?


The best way to reach Termessos Ancient City is by car. The drive from Antalya takes about an hour. Near the impressive archaeological site, you will find a parking lot.


From there, a hiking trail starts to the ruins of the ancient city. For this hike, you should expect another hour of walking.


Another way to get to your destination is by cab. These are pretty cheap in Turkey. Accordingly, you don’t have to dig too deep into your wallet.


For a cab ride from Antalya to Termessos, you should plan about 150 Turkish Lira. That is the equivalent of about 15 euros.


Alternatively, you can reach the Termessos ruins by public transport. Several buses will take you from the bus station to the entrance of the Güllük Dağı National Park within 40 minutes. From there you have to walk nine kilometers.


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What Awaits You at Termessos Ruins?


These ancient ruins have a history of several thousand years. This means that you will probably find the oldest cultural traces of the history of mankind. However, most of the buildings of the ancient city are ruined today.


Among the best-preserved parts of Termessos are the ancient theater and the Odeon. In addition, you can still find the remains of the ancient city walls and some temples.


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What Makes The Ruins So Unique?


This ancient city is one of the most impressive sights in Turkey. Many travel guides even refer to this site as the Turkish Machu Picchu.


Despite this, there have never been any excavations in these ruins. However, there are some metal railings, which serve to protect the visitors.


This is to prevent you from falling into one of the open holes inside the ancient city. It may sound strange, but the hardly restored ruins are undoubtedly what gives Termessos its magical flair.


Termessos Ancient City is one of the most impressive destinations you can reach from Antalya. We are sure you will be amazed by the several thousand-year-old ruins.


If you are traveling in the south of Turkey, you should definitely visit this archaeological site.