Top 9 Antalya Excursions for an Extended Holiday Fun

Antalya excursions are the best way to get to know this part of Turkey, a country of striking landscapes, remarkable history, and extraordinary architecture.


You will love everything about Antalya, from its pristine sandy beaches and luxury resorts to historic sites and incredibly delicious food.


Best Antalya Excursions in the City and Around


While there are hundreds of Antalya tours and places to visit, we suggest the following top 9 Antalya excursions make your stay in Turkey unforgettable.


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1. Old City and the Harbour


Let’s start your day trips in Antalya within the city before you set off to see the more distant attractions.


You can start your city exploration with a walking tour to perfectly restored Kaleiçi or the Old City of Antalya.


The narrow winding streets of the Old Town are perfect for a laid-back afternoon stroll among the whitewashed Ottoman mansions, art galleries, and souvenir shops.


Visit the Kale Kapisi, the main square, then continue to Antalya’s old harbor to enjoy the buzz of local bazaars, or watch the sunset between the bobbling yachts in one of the harbor cafes.


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2. Hadrian Castle Gate


While in Kaleiçi district, don’t miss visiting Hadrian’s Gate, the well-preserved piece of the Hellenistic and Roman town walls.


The impressive three-arched entry was built in honor of the visit by Emperor Hadrian in the year AD 130, but you can still see some of the well-preserved carvings at its celling.



3. Antalya Waterfall Tour


The Düden River that runs through the city has two waterfalls both well-worth visiting. While you can visit only the Upper or the Lower Düden Waterfall, if you have time, plan to visit both, as they offer pretty different experiences.


While the Lower Düden Waterfall many find more striking because it has a higher drop, the Upper Waterfall is nestled in a beautiful green oasis, providing an excellent opportunity to relax and connect with nature.


Here, you will also find the underground caves that add a hint of mystery to your Antalya excursions.



4. Antalya Boat Trip


From sunbathed rock cliffs and secluded caves shimmering waters to charming seaside villages wrapped in vivid bougainvillea flowers, Antalya boat excursions have a lot to offer.


You can book an organized boat tour to the bays of Kemer and Phaselis or go for a charter yacht cruise option in this beautiful part of the Mediterranean.


Sailing is a wonderful opportunity to explore the hidden gems and most beautiful locations on the Antalya coastline.



5. Antalya Pamukkale Tour


Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s most popular attractions, so you may want to plan a day excursion from Antalya during your stay.


Pamukkale is located 238 km from Antalya, so it will take around three hours to get there. But it’s absolutely worth it.


In Turkish, Pamukkale, “the Cotton Castle,” is a famous spot in western Turkey known for its mineral-rich thermal pools. The dreamlike scenery of these white cascades offers a truly unique experience.


You can also visit the thermal baths, ruins of the temples, and other monuments of the ancient city of Hierapolis dating from the 2nd century B.C. at the site.



6. The Beaches


No Antalya excursion is complete without a visit to the city’s most popular beaches. Konyaalti Beach, east of the city’s center, and Lara Beach to the south are famous among visitors and locals.


Those who prefer soft white sand choose Lara Beach, while Konyaalti is a pebble one lined with palm trees in the backdrop. Both beaches offer plenty of activities, snack shops, restaurants, and cafés.



7. A Day Tour to Perge


Perge is an ancient city located around 20 kilometers east of the town, making it perfect for Antalya day trips. Once the capital of Pamphylia, Perge still testifies about the old times’ glory with ruins of its temples, vast stadium, and massive colonnaded agora.


Don’t miss visiting the Roman baths, Acropolis, and Hellenistic Gate with remains of two round towers.



8. A Day Trip to Karain Kave


About 27 km northwest of Antalya, you’ll find the Karain Cave, inhabited by prehistoric men. This is a perfect destination for daily Antalya excursions, offering a nice break from the city.



9. Köprülü Canyon National Park


If you seek an adrenaline-rush adventure, visit the Köprülü Canyon National Park 90 km northeast of the city.


The green-blue waters of the Köprülü River offer plenty of opportunities for excellent rafting, so make sure to include this half-day trip from Antalya to your must-do list.