Antalya Old Town : Is It Worth a Visit?

Antalya Old Town: Is It Worth a Visit?


The largest city on Turkey’s western coastline is Antalya. The area is so amazing that many people will simply skip through it as they rush to see the magnificence of Antalya Old Town. We really can’t say that we blame them since the mountains create a stunning backdrop in the distance and enhance the views of what can be seen inside.

Antalya Old Town dates back more than five hundred thousand years. Still, people did not start permanently living there until twenty-five hundred years ago. Conflicts, floods, and fires have changed how this area currently looks. Although all those things have not erased the importance of what has happened there.

It is easy to say that Antalya Old Town is definitely worthy of a visit, even if you just spend hours wandering around the maze of streets. Around the corners, and tucked away in little nooks, are extraordinary sights that you will never see anywhere else.

8 Things that Prove Antalya Old Town is Worth a Visit

1. Hadrian Castle Gate


While you can choose to enter Antalya Old Town through any of the gates, the best one is the Hadrian Castle Gate. This is the last of all the ancient gates in Antalya, and it was constructed back in 130 AD. Hadrian’s Gate has a triple arch and marble columns. Still, the true beauty lies within the ornate motif friezes and cornices.


2. Karaalioğlu Park


If you are looking for a little downtime with extraordinary views, you must venture over to Karaalioğlu Park. Inside the one hundred forty-five thousand square meters of outdoor space, you will find a stadium, gym, and a building that is used for official wedding ceremonies. However, you will be more impressed with the gorgeous views of the Beydağlari Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Konyaalti limestone cliffs.


3. Kesik Minare Cami


Kesik Minare Cami can be found not too far from the Hadrian Gate. You may hear it referred to as the Broken Minaret Mosque. It has quite the history because it was a Roman temple that was turned into a Byzantine church and eventually a mosque. The minaret is the one thing that has survived the fires and destruction in this ancient city over the years. Yet, it has been carefully preserved, so everyone can still appreciate the history it shares.


4. Stone Steps


You will get your cardio workout in at the Stone Steps in Antalya Old Town. All forty-four of the steps were used by the Venetians as they traveled between this part of town and the marina. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you will be right in the middle of the ancient harbor. While there is plenty of history to be seen, you can spend hours walking around looking at the boats and grabbing a bite to eat at one of the cafés.

5. City Wall


Near the Stone Steps is the City Wall, which dates back to the 2nd century AD. This wall played a significant part when the port was a bustling area but now serves as an area that surrounds where fishing boats and the occasional yacht dock.


6. Kaleiçi Museum


The Kaleiçi Museum is based in two buildings in Antalya Old Town. One building is from the 19th century and is two stories, while the other section is inside the Church of St. George. As you wander through this museum, you will see exhibits that contain Çanakkale ceramics and scenes of how people lived many years ago.


7. Kaleiçi (Old Town Antalya) Harbor

Antalya Old Town - Harbour

Walking along the Kaleiçi Harbor is a lot of fun, especially if you take the time to wander along the pier and do a little swimming. However, you may not know that this is the best place to see the sunset in Antalya Old Town.

Therefore, you must be near the harbor later in the day, right before the sun will be setting. A camera is a must for capturing the moment. Don’t stress if you stay longer than you thought you would.


8. Multiple Shops


Surprisingly, there are multiple shops in Antalya Old Town. You can spend hours wandering through them all, as you look for shoes, clothes, jewelry, and more. Most of the prices are reasonable, so you may find yourself going a little overboard with your purchases at first.



As you are exploring these eight things in Antalya Old Town (Kaleiçi), you will quickly discover that there are many reasons to visit this part of the country. The abundance of historical sights will have you feeling as if you have been taken back in time. Also, the slight modern touches will have you wondering how this part of the city seems to hold onto its traditions.

The best way to see everything within Antalya Old Town (Kaleiçi) is to do one of the numerous walking tours. You can follow a walking tour that someone has created, or you can simply make up your own. If you choose to create your private tour, simply map out all the attractions first. From there, select a starting point. There is no wrong or right place to start, but you must make sure that you take enough time at each destination, so you do not miss out on any essential details.


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We recommend splitting up your time in Antalya Old Town (Kaleiçi) and seeing it in more than one day. It is easy when you stay at one of the Limak Hotels since they are close to this area. You can take a break and return to your Limak Hotel as needed, or you can choose to stay out all day and return later at night.

We know that you will love your time in Antalya Old Town. In no time, you will quickly realize that it is worthy of the time you spend there.


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