Things to Do in Cyprus with Toddlers

Cyprus is a country that can be found out in the water of the Mediterranean! The entire island offers some spectacular weather throughout the year.


Culture and ancient history might be found in abundance in this part of the world, which is perfect for adults, but that doesn’t mean that there are not multiple things to do in Cyprus with toddlers.


In between exploring the history and taking turns participating in thrilling water sports like diving and kitesurfing, you can spend hours having fun with your toddler as you do things that they will love.


6 Things to Do in Cyprus with Toddlers

things to do in cyprus

1. Visit the Akamas Peninsula


This peninsula can be found on the western side of the island. It is a picturesque destination that your entire family will love. This area offers some of the best things to do in Cyprus with toddlers. Although you may need to put your little ones in a carrier for at least part of your time there.



Start at the Baths of Aphrodite and then walk along the Aphrodite Trail for a little while. It is best if you arrive at the Akamas Peninsula early, before the heat of the day and the massive crowds. Plus, by doing that, you will have a few more hours to enjoy a boat ride out on the water, which your toddler will love!


2. Take a Ride on George’s Fun Bus


Toddlers need a lot of action to stay busy, and they will get it when you take a ride on George’s Fun Bus. This bus will take you from one attraction to the next, ensuring that your toddler does not become bored in one area. You will begin by stretching your legs at a prehistoric settlement. While you are learning more about how the people lived back then, your toddler can work off some energy.


Georges Fun Bus Cyprus


When you leave the settlement, you will be taken to an art college and then the Ayios Neophytos Monastery. Your little one may take a nap along the way, and during your visit at these, but that will allow them to be well-rested for when you arrive at the Adonis Waterfall for a little swimming and the barbecue lunch that follows. In between the swimming and lunch, you will make stops at the Mavrokolymobos Dam and the Sea Caves.


3. Spot a Dinosaur or Two at Dinosaur Park


There isn’t a child in the world that doesn’t love the sheer size of dinosaurs! Watching them move around and make a little noise is fun! That’s why this attraction is at the top of the list of things to do in Cypress with toddlers.


While your toddler may not be old enough to do much at Dinosaur Park, they will have a wonderful time walking along the trail, as they spot dinosaurs along the way. There are plenty of picnic tables at this park, too, so you can take a picnic lunch or snack with you to keep everyone happy and full!


4. Have a Little Fun at Looney Land


Looney land is a fantastic destination for kids of all ages, but you will be thrilled to see that there is an area dedicated specifically to toddlers.


You will not need to worry that your little one will be trampled or bounced on by a larger child. They will be so happy that they can act like big kids. They can bounce on the bouncy houses and trampolines and go down the slides.


Most of the action takes place inside, but there are three giant slides outside, plus a few trampolines and a bouncy castle. Therefore, it is recommended that you spend a little time outdoors while you are there.


5. Cool Down at Aphrodite Waterpark


Your toddler will be too little for all the adventurous rides at Aphrodite Waterpark, but that doesn’t mean that you all can’t relax there for a few hours when you are in Cyprus.

Your toddler will need to stick to the baby pool and maybe the lazy river. That will be enough to keep them cooled down and having fun before or after nap time.


You won’t even need to worry about packing food and drinks! For the hunger meltdowns, there are plenty of places you can grab a quick snack.


6. Take a Ride on a Boat with Yellow Submarine


There are many different boating companies in this country. Yellow Submarine has a boat that is perfect for their toddler guests. The lower level of the ship has enormous windows. Which is ideal for little ones who want to see the water and everything that’s going on without falling overboard.



The boat also has a slide on it, so you can slide into the water as many times as you wish while you are visiting the sea caves. This might not be a good option with a toddler, but you can keep it in mind when your children get a little older!


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