Visiting the Museum of the City of Skopje: Why & Where

 Skopje has a lot under its sleeve to surprise any traveler, and rich history is one of the strongest selling points for the North Macedonian capital.


We already mentioned The Museum of the City of Skopje in our list of best things to do in Skopje – so allow us to introduce this museum more and give you some insights into what to expect and what this museum is about.


These insights just might turn into reasons why you should visit this iconic museum!


Visiting Museum of the City of Skopje_ Why & Where


Museum of The City of Skopje History: A Quick Peek


The Museum of the City of Skopje used to be a central rail station before the catastrophic earthquake hit the city on July 26th, 1963.


After this infamous event that killed thousands of people, the central rail station was converted into a museum representing the city‘s history with its grand collection over time.


And if you ever wonder why the Museum‘s exterior clock is frozen at 5.17 am – this was the exact moment in time when the devastating earthquake struck back in 1963.


It is a Museum Complex


The Museum of the City of Skopje is easily a museum complex. It links Skopje‘s archeology, history, ethnology, and even history of art together.


The Museum‘s approach to preserving the city’s heritage is systematic, including research, collating, and preservation.


Through their professional and scientific studies and research, the museum can present various exhibitions with an outstanding number of individual artifacts, artwork, and more!


Exhibitions & Collections


The Museum of the City of Skopje’s collection is a vast and impressive one – around 22,000 individual objects!


There are four categories of objects; archaeology, ethnology, art history, and general history.


From personal possessions of Macedonian minorities to 6,000year-old statues, costumes and photographs – expect to dive deep into North Macedonia‘s life in the Museum of the City of Skopje.


Museum also received various donations such as 182 photographs from Macedonian art photographer Blagoja Drnkov.  And even Japanese graphics of Ukijoe.


Museum’s permanent exhibition is „Walk Through the Past. “ This extensive exhibition shows a period from prehistory to the 20th century Skopje.


It is a must-see for anyone interested in Skopje‘s history and culture. Also, to gain a better understanding of the North Macedonian capital.


Where To Find Museum of the City of Skopje


The Museum of the City of Skopje received hundreds of positive reviews over the years.


That’s why it continues to be one of the most interesting spots to visit in the beautiful capital.


The entrance fee is usually free – all you have to do is come and visit.


Trust us, it’s worth visiting this brilliant museum.


  • Address: Kiril & Methodius
  • Website:
  • Hours: 9 am-3 pm Tue-Sun