Traditional Turkish Food – The Top 5 You Must Try!

We all know the classic Turkish coffee wakes you up – but how about the traditional Turkish food?


Some say that diving deep into cuisine is the best way to explore a country, and with Turkey, this might be especially true.


The country is a melting pot of cultures, with its cuisine being influenced by East and West.


In this quick top 5, we‘ll give you a little bit of everything – from snacks, sandwiches, and desserts to meat dishes and vegetarian delights.


Let‘s see which traditional Turkish food you must try!


Traditional Turkish Food – The Top 5 You Must Try 1


Before We Start: Why Traditional Turkish Food is A Must-Try


If you ever wondered which cuisines are the richest – this is one of them! Over centuries, Turkey created one of the richest and most varied cuisines in the world.


Turkish meals can be seen everywhere – in restaurant menus across the seas, in small islands, luxury resorts, and beyond.


There are hundreds of traditional Turkish foods to try with every region in the country offering its own unique gastronomical experience.


Making a top 5 is not an easy task, but here it is!



1.    Kebaps


We can‘t simply leave out this timeless classic. The traditional Doner Kebap in its most basic form is an open-faced sandwich stuffed with greens and thinly shaved slices from a massive, vertically rotating skewer of meat.


The best thing about kebaps is that they come in great variety. Most iconic kebap variations are linked to their province or the city – from the spicy Adana kebap to Iskender and Urfa kebaps.


Traditional Turkish Food – Baklava


2.    Baklava


Ready for an awesome pastry that originates from Turkish Ottoman cuisine? This layered pastry is almost too good to be real. It is filled with chopped pistachio and made sweet with a cover of syrup or honey.


The dough used is phyllo, and while this pastry can be found in supermarkets and bakeries, it is best eaten fresh. Yummy!




3.    Mantı


Any pasta lovers out there? Manti is a Turkish version of ravioli, which comes in many different forms and shapes. Usually, you‘ll see it in as angular pouches of dough.


What‘s inside? Tasty minced meat! But that‘s not all – what separates this ravioli from the Italian version is that it is served with yogurt and a sauce made of garlic, mint, paprika, and oil.




4.    Menemen


If you search for vegetarian options, then Menemen is one of the best traditional Turkish food for you. And it makes breakfast with eggs exciting again!


It‘s a dish made with eggs, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and various spices.


All the ingredients are cooked with a special technique to make a savory broth – a true breakfast champion and just as hearty without meat as other traditional Turkish food.




5.    Köfte


Köfte is not just meatballs, but a whole family of them! There is Izgara Köfte served with grilled peppers, bread, and rice and then there are Çiğ Köfte – raw meatballs.


They can also be savored as a street snack or dipped in yogurt. But that‘s just a small glimpse because there are over 300 varieties of Köfte in Turkey!


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Traditional Turkish Food is Awesome!


This ultimate top 5 will bring the best of this vast cuisine – but it‘s only the tip of a Turkish food iceberg.


For example, Ramadan in Turkey has its own customs and dishes. Check out our article below to find out more:


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Traditional Turkish food is an adventure in itself, with countless traditional dishes in all categories – all hearty and mouthwatering.