Ramadan Etiquette: Make Your Turkish Friends Smile!

Ramadan fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam: Faith, prayer, fasting, charity, making the pilgrimage to Mecca.


Each year, one month is designated for fasting. This is the month of holy Ramadan, which begins and ends with the new moon’s appearance.


Nearly 1.8 billion Muslims are fasting from sun up to sun down every day during Ramadan.


It’s safe to say that this month is considered the holiest month in Islam.


Ramadan also plays a vital role in Turkish culture, and most people are attentive to traditions.


Ramadan Etiquette


It’s an excellent opportunity to live a simpler life for a while and get a different viewpoint on life.


So it’s more of a spiritual event than a physical challenge.


We aim to give you quick tips regarding Ramadan Etiquette and underline some practicalities.


Knowing these, you can undoubtedly make your Turkish friends smile or perhaps your friends at Limak Hotels.


1- It’s OK to eat in front of a fasting person


If you are not fasting, you can continue your daily eating routines. Just don’t exaggerate when fasting people around.


There are plenty of people working in the hotel and restaurant industries that serve food to people when they are fasting.


Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your fasting friend to guarantee he is not eating.


Sometimes it happens that the fasting person forgets about the fast and eats by mistake.



2- Fasting is not the only purpose of Ramadan


Fasting is definitely the star of the show, but Muslims are instructed to avoid all unpleasant behaviors.


Bad words, unkind thoughts, and intentions shouldn’t take place and can ruin your fasting.


Fasting people should continue their daily activities, though.


It’s also against the logic of this month if you can’t perform any work and let others down.


One should put a bit of an extra effort to be kind to others and become a better version of themselves.



3- Not everyone is supposed to be fasting


Islam is a religion of logic. So are the pillars of Islam. A particular group of people is an excerpt from fasting.


If you are sick, pregnant, or nursing, you shouldn’t be fasting.


Even though old people are not obliged, most of them are surprisingly keen on fasting.


Last but not least, long-distance travelers are also an exception and should not be fasting.


Pregnant Mom not Fasting

4- Iftar is not a fancy meal, neither Sahur


When it’s finally iftar time, time to break the fast after 10-15 hours of hunger, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed and prepare for a big, fancy dinner.


That would be an exaggeration and against the whole mentality of the fasting pillar of Islam.


Go ahead and eat just a regular meal.


Act of prophet Mohammad, breaking the fast with dates, apricots, or water is excellent.


Try to take nutritious foods both in iftar meal and Sahur time. Sahur is the last time to eat before the sun is up.


iftar food - bread and butter

5- Greeting words and Ramadan celebrations


After 30 days of fasting, one can guess that there will be a festival.


Eid el-Fitr is the Arabic name for the celebration, and it literally means fast-breaking festival.


Throughout Ramadan, you can say “Ramadan Mubarak” to your friends. That means have a blessed Ramadan.


You can also say “Ramadan Kareem,” which is also commonly used and means have a generous Ramadan.


If you are having difficulties with Arabic words, you might as well just keep it simple and say good Ramadan!


6- Ramadan terms in Turkish in case you need it


It would be surprising if Turkey had no own customs when it comes to Ramadan.


In Turkey, the festival has a unique name, “Şeker Bayramı,” which means Sugar feast.


The name is derived from Turkish traditions.


In Bayram, children visit their elders and are given sweets in return.


It’s also common for Turkish elder people to provide pocket money to children during the sugar feast gatherings.


Grandparents in Ramadan Bayram


Let’s go over some Turkish words and phrases related to Ramadan.


Fasting – Oruç
Ramadan – Ramazan
İftar – İftar
Eid el-Fitr – Ramazan Bayramı / Şeker Bayramı
Ramadan Mubarak / Ramadan Kareem – Ramazan Bayramınız kutlu olsun! / İyi Bayramlar!


At Limak Hotels, we wish you a beautiful Ramadan month and festival with your loved ones.


We would love to hear any comments and questions you might have.


İyi Bayramlar!