Köprülü Canyon – A Compact Day Trip Guide

If you want to make a day trip near Antalya, the Köprülü Canyon national park might be a brilliant trip for a bit of an adventure!


With other beloved day trip goals like Termessos ancient city or some of the best beaches around Antalya, especially Lara beach, this National Park is in the best company.


This wonder of nature has everything your heart desires. The offer ranges from a beautiful river to interesting architectural sights and diverse flora and fauna.


But where is the canyon located? And what can you do there? Find out in the following article about the popular natural area in the Turkish region of Anatolia.


Köprülü Canyon - A Compact Day Trip Guide 1


Compact Day Trip Guide to Köprülü Canyon


Where is Köprülü Canyon Located?


Köprülü Canyon is a national park in the Turkish province of Antalya. It occupies a total area of 366 square kilometres. This makes it one of the largest canyons in the country.


Its status as a national park has been the canyon in southern Turkey since December 12, 1973; on this day, the Turkish Ministry of Forestry declared it a national park.


The river that runs through the canyon forms the eastern border of the Turkish National Park in Anatolia. The best way to reach the Park, which is about 100 kilometres from Antalya, is by car. In the northeast of the famous Turkish city, take a side road to Taşağıl and Beşkonak.


This is the best way to get to Köprülü Canyon National Park. Alternatively, some bus companies will take you from Antalya and Alanya and some towns in their surroundings to this beautiful destination in the middle of nature.

Why You Should Visit Köprülü Canyon


The canyon is, without any doubt, one of the most impressive natural sights in all of Turkey. In some places, the canyon is about 400 meters deep. It also stretches for 14 km along the Köprü River.


Furthermore, in this canyon in Anatolia, you will find many exciting tourist attractions. One of them is the Roman Oluklu Bridge, which runs over a side canyon.


Also fascinating is the Bugrum Bridge, which takes you across the Kocadere stream. The latter was considered an architectural masterpiece at its construction in the 2nd century AD. At that time, building a bridge using stone blocks using an overlapping technique was something special.


If you get hungry, you can also try traditional Turkish food in a high number of restaurants. Especially fish is served here. Mainly the fresh trout you should give a chance during your visit to Köprülü Gorge. You can find a selection of the best restaurants on TripAdvisor.


But the main reason why you should definitely make a trip to this gorge is the rich flora and fauna. This is mainly because the Park has many different microclimatic zones thanks to its unique natural structure.


As a result, you can find plants that are usually found only in the Mediterranean. At the same time, this ensures that an impressive habitat for numerous animals has formed.


During a hike through the Turkish National Park, you will see more different animals and plants than in any other place in the world. Red and black pines, oaks, cedars, firs and wild olives are among the tree species you will discover along the Köprülü Canyon National Park.


It is also home to the largest cypress forest on the Asian continent. Especially the Köprü River is worth mentioning. Its green-blue colour gives it a sight that you will not forget so quickly. In addition, the fact that it meanders through the rugged high cliffs really invites you to a white water rafting.


Since this is also one of the most popular activities in the National Park, many travel companies in Antalya even offer plenty of half-day tours for rafting.


Köprülü Canyon - A Compact Day Trip Guide 2


What You Can Do In Köprülü Canyon


Water sports are popular in this national Park in Turkey. Especially rafting is one of the most popular activities along the river. You can also Book a rafting tour at GetYourGuide if you are interested.


Usually, the tours start about 100 m below the Oluk Bridge. There, the river is exceptionally calm, which makes this place ideal for the beginning of an unforgettable adventure.


Furthermore, you can hike in the canyon to your heart’s content. Not only will you get closer to the breathtaking beauty of nature, but you can also explore some ancient ruins during your walk. Mainly a visit to the ancient city of Selge should be high on your bucket list.


If you like climbing mountains, you will also feel at home here. The various peaks invite you to climb and explore the picturesque landscape. The Bozburun mountain on the edge of the National Park is especially ideal for an exciting mountain adventure.


But also Mount Dedegol, which is the highest point in the National Park with a height of 2,992 meters, is a popular hotspot for climbers from all over the world.


As you see, there is a reason why visiting the Köprülü Canyon is one of the Best Things To Do in Antalya. We are sure you will not regret your visit to this unbelievable and fascinating wonder of mother nature.


So take your time and visit this canyon in Turkish Anatolia, and you will enjoy one of the most unique adventures in your whole life.