Limak Hotels Traditional Tree Planting Day 2021

Trees contribute to their environment in numerous ways. They lower the temperature by converting the liquid water from the soil to water vapour. They also preserve soil and protect wildlife. Besides, one large tree can provide oxygen for 4 people for a day!


Therefore, protecting our forests and planting new trees have become a standard duty for humankind. But we can’t always accomplish that.


Due to global climate change, we have been facing extreme temperatures. That combined with the very dry winds, we have encountered one of the biggest forest fires in Turkish history last summer that affected Manavgat, Gündoğmuş, İbradı, Akseki and Alanya.


Fires started on the 28th of July and lasted 10 days. As a result, unfortunately, we lost 75 thousand hectares of land, 50 thousand hectares being forests. There is not much to do about it except to plant new trees!


Limak Hotels - Tree Planting Day


Meaningful Event: Limak Hotels Traditional Tree Planting Day


As Limak Hotels group, we have already been planting trees each year, but this year our event had been the most meaningful of all due to vast forest fires last summer.


This year’s event took place on the 2nd of November with our guests from Limak Arcadia, Limak Limra, Limak Atlantis and Limak Lara Hotels. Our planting team gathered in the land at around 11:00. More than 100 people attended the planting, and we planted close to a thousand trees. Also, some locals and public officials joined and helped us to plant our trees. This year pine trees were prioritized, and we finished our job at around 12:00.


After the event, we take our guests to a different hotel than their own for lunch. After lunch, guests were back to their hotels, where they received their tree ownership certificates. Our memorial forest has reached close to 100 thousand trees planted this year!


Last Words


At the core of Turkish hospitality, we feel the urge to connect with our guests more personally. We want to remember them, and we want them to remember us. What can be more meaningful to plant trees and contribute to nature with our guests?


We thank all our guests for attending the tree planting event and contributing to Antalya’s air quality. We are already looking forward to the next years Limak Hotels tree planting day, and you can rest assured that we will make the event even better!