Limak Arcadia – Where the story began!

Limak Arcadia, our journey started here. Almost 25 years on the clock, we are still excited to deliver excellent service & warm hospitality to our guests.

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Limak Group of Companies kicked off its tourism operations in September 1995. The first member of the hotel chain has been named as Limak Arcadia Sport Resort.

About the name Arcadia

When we named Limak Arcadia Hotel, we meant the valley of peace. But the name certainly has something to do with mythology.  If you dig a little deeper, Arcadia has different meanings in Greek, Latin, and Spanish.

Arcadia is also the name of a region in today’s Greece. It was also the place where the god Pan supposedly resided and Hermes would be roaming in ancient Greek mythology.

Regular Guests at Limak Arcadia: Who is it for?

It’s safe to say that Limak Arcadia guests are mainly families, golf lovers, and football teams. Apart from local guests, our hotel has been visited heavily by Europeans and Russians.


Families from around the world, not only show great interest to Limak Arcadia but to all Limak Hotels. All of our hotels have large family rooms and families with kids can find great comfort in our facilities.

Limak Arcadia Guests

For years we are doing our best to serve families at our hotels and our repeat guest rates are proof that we are doing a fantastic job. We would like to share our families’ holiday experiences here soon.


Our hotel is located in Belek which is a world-famous golf location for the last decade. Golf players like Tiger Woods, Justin Rose has attended to a number of golf-tournaments in Belek.

Justin Rose Belek Golf Tournament

Justin Rose once said:

I love this area and this place is very special to me. Revisiting Turkey has been such a fun experience and I brought my family this time. My mum has had a wonderful week. Turkey is a growing golf nation and with weather like this they will be producing winners very soon.

We don’t have golf facilities within Limak Arcadia Hotel, although amazing gold fields are readily reachable. We are compiling a whole other article just for Golf tourism in Belek, Turkey, you can check the article out soon.

Football Teams

Winters are warm in the south of Turkey and particularly in Antalya. Therefore, there has been a trend amongst football teams to train and camp at our hotel.

Limak Arcadia Football Team Austria Salzburg

Our hotel has it’s own professional football fields both inside and outside the hotel. We are happy to welcome football teams in the winter and contribute to their success as much as we can.

Soon, we will put together another article on Limak Hotels Football Facilities.

Last Words

We had to give back to Limak Arcadia first when we kick off our Limak Hotels Brand Blog. As the name suggests, our brand blog will showcase our hotels in many ways. You can subscribe to our blog to get the latest posts to your inbox. It’s also possible to check our hotel’s availability and even reserve a room.