Easter 2019: Time to paint your eggs!

Easter is without a doubt one of the most important festivals for Christians. It’s a celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Easter is celebrated Late March – Late April period each year.

Easter 2019 - Limak Hotels

It’s that time of the year where egg painting activities take place and children gets chocolate eggs as a present. Apart from the religious aspect of Easter, families and solo travellers take the full advantage of this public holiday.

How is the Easter Day determined?

We know it’s always a Sunday and always falls between March 22 and April 25. But how do we know the exact date each year? Interesting enough, easter date is related to the full moon and it’s not a fixed date.

Easter 2019 - Limak Hotels - Egg Painting

Our starting point is the spring equinox. We locate the full moon that occurs on or just after the spring equinox. From there, the first Sunday following the full moon is the Easter Sunday. Easter date can also vary depending on the calendar used. Most churches follow Gregorian calendar but Orthodox churches follow Julian calendar. Which can also make a difference.

Easter 2019 Calendar

Let’s check Easter 2019 day by day and briefly go through what they mean. Please note that these can vary by country.

18 April 2019 | Maundy Thursday – Last day of Jesus’ life.

19 April 2019 | Good Friday – The day when Jesus crucified.

20 April 2019 | Holy Saturday

21 April 2019 | Easter Sunday – Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

22 April 2019 | Easter Monday

Most of the countries will have 4 days of public holidays, starting with the Good Friday on 19th of April and the last day of the Easter holidays is Monday, 22nd of April.

Here is a countdown for Easter 2019.

Easter Traditions

Easter or Pascha is all about traditions right?

Egg painting, rabbit shaped chocolate gifts and hot cross buns are the top three traditions when it comes to easter.

Easter 2019 - Limak Hotels - Cross Buns

Egg painting almost means Easter and widely spread across the world. Our egg painting activities started elsewhere and then embedded to Easter celebrations by the beginning of the 17th century.

Eggs, symbolize life, rebirth and rejuvenation, therefore have been used by the biggest nations for centuries. By today, we can safely say that egg painting has become by far the most popular icon of the Easter.

Easter 2019 at Limak Hotels

As Limak Hotels & Resorts, we welcome many guests from around the world due to Easter Holidays. So when it’s Easter time in March and April, we are also in an Easter mood.

If you are planning to spend your easter at one of the Limak Hotels, you can contact the hotel directly and find out about their Easter program.

We wish you a nice Easter and happy holidays!


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