Turkey for Winter Holidays See What’s in it For You!

Turkey for the winter holidays could be an excellent option if you are on the look for a really special Christmas and New Year!


If you’re planning on visiting Turkey during the holiday season, you’re likely curious about what cities you should visit. Even more, you’re probably eager to find out what you can do while you’re here.


Turkey at large is an excellent option for a winter vacation. Not only are there fewer crowds and lower prices, but nature itself is spectacular, and the weather is, for the most part, enjoyable; not too cold, not too dry.


However, to get the most out of your experience, it’s important to visit the destinations that provide the most abundant opportunities for winter activities, holiday festivities, and more.


Some of the best destinations in Turkey include Cappadocia, Istanbul, Antalya, and Bodrum.


In what follows, we’ll be discussing what it’s like to spend the winter holidays in Turkey. While it’d be impossible to go into detail about every city and potential activity available to you, we’re going to be focusing on four main cities that are must-visits during the winter.


So, if you’re curious as to what’s in it for you, unsure of what you can do during your visit to Turkey in the winter, this article is for you!




Christmas in Cappadocia


Known for its magic and serenity, Cappadocia is an incredible place to visit during the winter holidays; if you’re looking for a unique way to spend Christmas day, look no further!


To truly grasp the beauty and serenity of Cappadocia, it’s first worth booking a hot air balloon tour over the incredible landscape of the city. Remember that while these tours are active year-round, they predominantly experience weather cancellations during the winter months. With that said, be sure to choose a calm winter’s day.


Afraid of heights? No problem, the spectacle is just as magnificent on ground level. In fact, while the draw of being hundreds of feet in the air and looking down on the winter landscape is magical in and of itself, there’s something charming about looking up to tens and tens of balloons floating through calm blue skies.


Oh! And because it’s winter season, you’re definitely going to want to stay in one of Cappadocia’s infamous cave hotels. Not only are they winter-proof, but many of them boast heated pools, spa-like Turkish baths, and comfortable accommodations so that you can be as cozy as can be during the brisk winter climate.




Things To Do in Istanbul


If you’re one for history, antiquity, and architecture, Istanbul is the place to visit here in Turkey. From Hagia Sophia to Basilica Cistern there are many breathtaking places to see!


Not only will the abundance of churches, palaces, and preservations leave you in awe, but they also have modern activities to offer for those less intrigued.


From mass shopping malls and local markets, most notably the Grand Bazaar, to spa-like Turkish baths, museum tours, and cafes to warm your soul after a long day of site-seeing in the brisk winter air, the options here in Istanbul are genuinely endless.


Oh! And if you’re a foodie, be sure to indulge in Istanbul’s winter street food! While you may have to wait in the brisk winter air for some time, it’s totally worth it.


Best places to visit in Antalya


Winter Activities in Antalya


Largely thought to be a summer destination, Antalya happens to boast several winter activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The best part? Depending on what climate you’re travelling from, you may discover that winter in Antalya is relatively mild, separate from your typical winter climate expectations.


So much so, in fact, that you can even take a dip in the sea! Yes, and during the winter! Who doesn’t want to experience the Mediterranean in the winter? Some popular locations include Lara Beach and Cleopatra Beach!


In addition, you’d be remiss not to take advantage of the many winter activities and adventure sports available to you in Antalya. While other cities in Turkey are known for their history and antiquity, Antalya is known for its abundant adventure offerings.


From skiing in Saklikent and paragliding over the beaches of Antalya to scuba diving and kayaking off the coast of Kekova, the options are truly endless. The best part? They can all be enjoyed during the winter holiday months!




Escape the Bustle in Bodrum


Similar to Antalya, Bodrum is widely known to be a summer destination. If you want to avoid the crowds, experience lower prices whilst still enjoying a mild climate, Bodrum is the city for you; Because of its southern location, Bodrum still boasts a decently warm climate during the winter, all things considered.


From beaches and castles to restaurants and shopping malls, there are endless things to do here in Bodrum. Perfect for a day trip from Istanbul and suitable for a more extended stay! If you’re looking to escape the big city noise, Bodrum calls your name.


Turkey for Winter Holidays See What’s in it For You!


Why Turkey For The Winter Holidays is a Great Idea!


While many think of Turkey as an idyllic summer destination, you’ll be happy to hear that it also happens to be the perfect winter escape.


Whether you’re a history buff, an adventure seeker, an adrenaline junkie, or a beach bum, Turkey and its accompanying cities have something for everyone.


While cities like Istanbul are still quite busy during the holidays, compared to the summer months, you’ll enjoy fewer crowds, lower prices, and persistent mild temperatures comparatively.


If nothing else, however, visiting Turkey for the winter holidays will provide you with a new perspective. Not your typical winter experience, but an experience nonetheless.


So, if you’re unsure whether or not Turkey is a place you’d like to visit during the winter, hopefully, this article has changed your mind!