Matka Canyon – Compact Destination Guide

Matka Canyon is a fantastic piece of nature and a bucket list item in North Macedonia. Whether you are visiting Skopje for business or pleasure, this is a must!


At less than 18km away from the city, it won’t take long to get lost in the wonders of the many greens and blues of Matka Canyon.


You could easily spend 3 hours simply hiking and enjoying the views, even longer if you want to do some of the exhilarating activities available.


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Getting to Matka Canyon


You can get to Matka Canyon by car, just 40-minutes from Skopje. Either with your personal car, hired car or by taxi.


Your hotel can help you to arrange a taxi. It should cost you about 650 MKD, which roughly €10.


Alternatively, public transport is also available. With a Skopje public transport card, board the N60 bus at the Transporten Center and ride until the final stop Matka T, roughly 55 minutes.


The best time to visit Matka Canyon is in the week, as weekends get crowded, especially in summer. If you are coming from Ohrid, we are talking about a 2.5 hours car ride.


The Best Hotels in Skopje


Where to Stay


The Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel has 121 stylish standard rooms and 21 elegant suites, all conveniently located in the city center.


You’ll have fantastic access to explore the local museums, galleries, and stores of Skopje, as well as the infamous Matka Canyon.


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Things to Do at Matka Canyon


Matka Canyon is more than a place to simply visit and admire the views.


This popular spot has a wealth of activities awaiting all that visit, which is why it’s best to first visit the information center, as it is here where you book trips and hire equipment.


• Take a Boat Trip – Get a glimpse of the Matka Dam, as you head towards Matka Canyon and Matka Lake. You’ll experience the strong smells of the surrounding trees, plants, and herbs, along with the water within the natural canyon. If you are lucky, you’ll also spot a white-headed eagle.


• Rent a Kayak – Fancy an adventure? Then hire a kayak and explore the waters of the Canyon. Both single and double kayaks are available to rent, for 30 or 60 minutes.


• Explore a Cave – While there are 10 known caves in the area only one is open for public exploration. Cave Vrelo is said to be the deepest cave in the World and is believed to reach 330 feet deep. You’ll have a unique guided experience and get a whole new perspective of the water.


• Hike – Matka has marked trails for hiking enthusiasts and is easy to follow. A good one for beginners and families is from the Matka Canyon Restaurant to the Matka gorge. If hiking isn’t your thing, try mountain biking as the trails are open to feet and wheels.


• Visit the local churches and monasteries – this is a great way to step back in time and discover more about the region’s past.



Where to Eat at Matka Canyon


The dining experiences here are minimal, as you are deep in the countryside.


We suggest having a filling breakfast and packing a few snacks and water, especially if you plan on hiking.


If you are traveling on a budget, you may also want to take some sandwiches.


For an elegant sit-down meal reserve a table at the Matka Canyon Restaurant, this is the only restaurant on Matka Lake.


They serve stylish inventive (and rather pricey) meals on a gorgeous veranda, where you can relax and overlook the Lake.


You will want to spend at least half a day at Matka Canyon to experience its most loved qualities.


We suggest taking water, wearing sunscreen, and wearing comfortable shoes so that you can have a safe and memorable time in Macedonia’s favorite gorge.